Vintage Crusaders Wanted!


ZUBURBIA is seeking hip, happening women to become VINTAGE CRUSADERS.


…are aware of the footprints their high heels make on the world

…carry personal responsibility for their actions along with their chic little handbags

…wear earrings that don’t prevent them from hearing another person’s point of view

…clothe themselves in awareness and not just labels

…wrap their minds in fresh ideas while wrapping their bodies in cashmere

…and dress not to IMpress but rather to EXpress their wonderful, authentic selves!

We’d love to have you join this special club for vintage clothing lovers. We have loads of goodies, exciting activities and special offers planned for this select group of women. features:

*** Garments cleaned with eco-friendly dry cleaning or hand-laundered with eco-detergents

*** Free Carbon Neutral Ground Shipping (yep, we’re gonna buy carbon offsets for you!)

*** A tree planted with every order

*** Fresh water provided to one person for one year with every order

*** A partnership with 1% for the Planet

*** Recycled materials & soy-based inks (wherever possible)

*** An (almost) paperless office

*** A merchant services account that donates 10% of our revenues to our designated environmental charity

*** 20% of all fur and reptile sales donated to animal conservation charities

And that’s just the beginning!

As a Vintage Crusader, you are eligible to participate in special programs:

* It’s Vintage – (launching soon) – earn rewards for referring friends and family
* Finders Keepers – earn a finder’s fee when you refer a vintage collection that we purchase
Fair Trade – receive credit to trade-in your previously purchased Zuburbia vintage item for a new Zuburbia vintage item

But all of this won’t stop us from putting the CHIC in Eco-Chic! We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one ounce of style to be a good green citizen. So each of our garments will be hand-selected for quality and uniqueness so you can stop swimming in the Sea of Similarity and boldly go where all environmentally-conscious vintage fashionistas go: a land where LESS is MORE. Where one item that expresses your authentic self is far better than a closet full of the ho-hum.

If this all gets your green fashion blood boiling, then join us by becoming a VINTAGE CRUSADER today!

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One Response to Vintage Crusaders Wanted!
  1. denisebrain
    June 16, 2009 | 6:50 pm

    You're my absolute hero! Exactly what I aspire to as a vintage seller.


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