VPOD: Vintage 1920s Silk Flapper Dress

vintage 1920s asymmetric burnt orange velvet flapper dress

I took a fantastic Chakra Balancing class last night at Liberation Yoga with Constance Hart. Constance is an internationally-recognized, certified color therapist and a visionary in the field of color energy balancing.

According to Constance, each color has its own energetic expression and affects each chakra in a unique way. For instance, your sacral chakra starts below your navel and governs your low belly, hips and lower back. Feeling impatient, stuck in the past or super anxious about your future? An unbalanced sacral chakra could be to blame. But one way to get back in the flow would be to activate this chakra with orange energy.

Something as luscious as today’s VPOD would do the job beautifully with its stunning burnt orange silk and unexpected asymmetric hem.

It’s a lovely chakra-balancing find for a vintage fashionista!

Available at My Sugarland.

P.S. To learn more about Constance Hart’s work, visit her website and download her free Chakra Guide.

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