VPOD: Vintage 1960s Samsonite Luggage Set

vintage 1960s samsonite luggage set

If you’re the sort of vintage fashionista who starts shopping for her one-of-a-kind party dress six months in advance, who is on a first-name basis with the workers at your local thrift store or who can identify a Lilli Ann coat from 2 blocks away, you’re probably not the type who is happy to wheel a black carry-on luggage piece through LAX or JFK like millions of other travelers.

No, you’ll want your luggage to have just as much pizzazz and personality as your wardrobe. Which means today’s VPOD is for you!

This vintage 1960s Samsonite Fashionaire luggage set will be easy to spot at baggage claim with its eye-catching floral print and black-and-white graphics. There are four—count ‘em four—matching pieces!

And since these were designed before the ingenious idea of adding wheels to suitcases, they provide a perfectly acceptable reason for tall handsome men to offer assistance with your bags.

But even if you go it alone, they’re powerful travel fashion statements for a vintage fashionista!

Available from Evenflow at Etsy.

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