VPOD: Hand Painted Shoes by Cocopunkz

hand painted shoe 3

hand painted shoe 1

hand painted shoe 2

Part of why we love being vintage fashionistas is because we like to be unique. And while we might succumb to an occasional mass-market purchase, we much prefer seeking out the unusual and the one-of-a-kind. Which is why I fell in love with today’s VPOD.

These hand-painted shoes by Cocopunkz, two talented artists, could easily be vintage collectibles down the road. Each pair is lovingly hand-painted without templates or stamps. And no style is ever repeated or duplicated.

Plus they feature clever names and themes like Obsession (perfume), Time’s Awastin’ (clocks), and Love Tamil (a tribute to musical artist M.I.A.).

Pick your favorite or commission your own custom order.

Either way, they’re artistic finds for a vintage fashionista.

Available at Cocopunkz .

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