VPOD: Very Vogue

Vogue is published all over the world and vintage issues of the magazine are indispensable to the collecting vintage fashionista.

My favorite issues are those when Alexander Liberman was art director and the magazine sported the work of famed photographers Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Fashion, of course, reflects history and it’s interesting to watch how this magazine documented those changes.

And history suggests that the designers featured in the current issues of Vogue will be the collectible designers of future decades. So train your eye to recognize designers by guessing who designed the outfits in the pictures before peeking at the credits.

Also back issues of Vogue can serve multiple purposes. They’re great reference guides and are invaluable when doing research. They are a design muse, offering you ideas to implement into your current wardrobe. And they make great gifts for vintage fashionistas!

Available at Paper Pursuits.

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