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Zuburbia is seeking hip, happening women to help others re-think vintage and embrace our vision.

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First Dibs Program

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Coming opportunity to earn Zuburbia credit when you refer your friends.

Fair Trade Program

As we grow in consciousness, our closets often need to grow with us. Items we’ve once worn and loved no longer seem appropriate for our newly enlightened selves. So we’re happy to accept any of your excellent condition Zuburbia garments in trade. Give someone else the opportunity to love and use the item and receive a 30% credit toward your next Zuburbia purchase. Just email us at for complete details.

Finders Keepers Program

Is there a vintage store closing down the street from you? Did your boyfriend’s mother's best friend’s aunt just clean out her attic and find a trunk full of musty old dressing gowns? You can be our extra set of eyes and ears and let us know about vintage collections that might be for sale by emailing us at If Zuburbia acquires the collection, we'll credit your account for a finders fee equal to 5% of the purchase price.

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We’re working on loads of other goodies like coupons, discounts, giveaways, exclusive access to merchandise, community events and more. Sign-up to become a VINTAGE CRUSADER today and stay tuned for the latest developments.

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Try out this phrase when you shop: "Thanks but I don't need a bag."

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