VPOD: Vintage Dangle Earrings and The Lipstick Index

vintage dangle earrings

Time magazine reported on something called The Lipstick Index last week.

The term was coined over a decade ago by Leonard Lauder, then-chairman of Estee Lauder. He used The Lipstick Index to refer to the fact that when times get tough, shoppers may stop buying non-essentials but they’ll still spend money on little luxuries. Like lipstick.

During the last recession in 2001, for example, the overall economy declined but lipstick sales soared. And it’s happening again.

Time magazine reports that lipsticks sales are up 14% this year, and nail polish, the latest bellweather product, has seen sales rise an astonishing 54%!

But if you’re in the mood for an inexpensive style pick-me-up you don’t have to limit yourself to the cosmetics aisle. There are plenty of budget-friendly vintage belts, scarves and jewelry choices, too.

Take today’s VPOD, for example.

These bold little vintage clip danglers will only set you back $15—about the cost of one Estee Lauder lipstick or two lipsticks of the drugstore variety.

They’re fun recession finds for a Vintage Crusader!

Available at Decatique Studios.

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