VPOD: Vintage 1980s Postage Stamp Pins

vintage 1980s postage stamp pins

As the world stares with horror at the devastating images of destruction in Japan, there couldn’t be a more fitting message that the one conveyed on today’s VPOD, a pair of 1980s postage stamp pins.

For Love is the message.

Other than contributing financial assistance, there may be little that many of us can do to directly assist the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunamis. But each of us can send our love, our thoughts and our prayers to those affected.

And we can remember that now, more than ever,  we truly are a global community.

As Deepack Chopra said in today’s LA TImes:

“What is emerging is that you cannot separate yourself emotionally or in any other way from what is happening anywhere in the world…We need to realize that we are now entangled with everything that happens — everywhere.”

So let’s all share a virtual moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives and remember that we truly are a global community of vintage fashionistas.

Available at Lynn Luv’s Country Vintage and Handcrafted.

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