VPOD: Vintage 1920s Necklace Watch and Time Management

vintage 1920s necklace watch front

vintage 1920s necklace watch back


Hear that? It’s the sound of 2010 fading away.

And there’s something about that sound that always seems to kick me into overdrive.

The last week or so I’ve been organizing and purging like a mad woman!  You see, every year I resolve to become more organized so I can waste less time on menial tasks and become more productive.

So tell me, what is your biggest time-waster of the day?

Talking on the phone?
Meetings without agendas?

One sure-fire way to get a handle on where you can squeak more productivity from your day is to keep a time log. After all, if CPAs and attorneys can manage to do this daily, then you can, too.

Just jot down how you spend your time in 15-minute increments for a week or two. Then analyze the results.

You  may be surprised to discover just where your time is going!

Of course, a very stylish way to record all those seconds ticking by is with a darling little timepiece like today’s VPOD. This vintage 1920s necklace watch is quite charming and will help you keep track of every wasted minute and remind you to savor every precious moment.

It’s a fine Swiss find for a vintage fashionista!

Available at Darlor Watch.

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