VPOD: Vintage 1940s Satin and Lace Bed Jacket

Vintage 1940s Silk and Lace Bed Jacket

Once upon a time there was a fashionista who was afraid to think outside the box. The silly girl heard “bed jacket” and thought it could only be worn to bed! But over here in the land of Zuburbia, we know that these beauties aren’t just for bedrooms anymore. After all, what modern woman is spending hours lounging around seductively in her bedroom like a Hollywood actress of the 1940s in a black and white movie. No, we ladies have companies to run, jobs to accomplish, children to raise, homes to organize and charities to assist. And yes, we like to do all those things with style.

Take today’s VPOD for instance. We’d rock out this vintage 1940s satin and lace bed jacket with jeans or grey trousers. Or maybe we’d let that lace peek out from underneath a wool blazer where the mix of textures would be wonderful. Most of all, we’d experiment and have fun.

Because thinking outside the box is a required trait for a vintage fashionista!

Available at Monster Vintage.

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