VPOD: Vintage 1950s Nylon Chiffon Nighties

The term “lingerie” comes from the Old French linge, which referred to scandalous underclothes. Though the term was not in widespread use until the 1850s, the history of lingerie itself started centuries earlier, back in ancient Egypt around 3000 BC.

And while the choice for men may center around something as simple as boxers or briefs, we women have so much more to consider: peignoirs, chemises, nighties, camisoles, and teddies–both racy and demure.

Now we gals know that buying luxurious lingerie is not necessarily practical, but we also know that this form of self-indulgence can have a subconscious impact on the way we look and feel–even if no one gets to witness our underpinnings.

Today’s VPOD features a sweet vintage black chiffon nightie from the 1950s with pink lace appliques and is a reminder that in this decade, glamour definitely went skin deep.

It’s a lovely lingerie find for a vintage fashionista!

Available at The Noir Boudoir.

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One Response to VPOD: Vintage 1950s Nylon Chiffon Nighties
  1. Lyndsay Cabildo
    November 27, 2009 | 10:47 pm

    I love Chiffon fabrics, for some reason that it looks elegant though can be worn in casual when matched with the right other pieces.

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